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To the editor:

I do not hate gays and it is not my intention to advocate hate. All people should be given fair treatment under the law. I think we should all wake up to the reality, however, that homosexuality is a deviant behavior and can be as destructive to society as it is to the individual. It is also a symptom of our preoccupation with sex.Whatever the cause, homosexuality is abnormal, unnatural and ultimately destructive. No, homosexuals should not be put on an island to let them all die off from AIDS or any other wild idea such as that. Homosexuality is an illness, a disease just like drug and alcohol abuse, and the abuser himself is the real victim.

These people should be treated for their problems as long as they are willing to undergo treatment. It is true that most would not volunteer for any treatment, but that is due to our widespread acceptance of this behavior as being one form of normal.

If we do not change our acceptance of this view right now, we will come to know of the destructiveness of it in time. Let's hope it's not too late.

Todd Sommerville