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To the editor:

Recently you published a letter from a Utah County resident concerning Ross Perot and Perot's position on abortion. The writer indicated that, for him, it would be better for the nation to stagnate under its debt load than put Mr. Perot in the White House.I respond, as a member of the Perot for President Petition Committee and as dedicated to the pro-life position as the writer of the letter.

Our group was a total grass-roots effort, and many of us, Catholic, Protestant, LDS and other, were not only aware of Mr. Perot's position, but deeply concerned. We still are and intend to do all in our power to convince him that it is an incorrect position. We "bit the bullet" on abortion, but we did not abandon our position on this very important position.

As important as we consider the abortion position, we feel that at this point in time that other issues must be immediately addressed: The national debt, deficits in foreign trade, the failure of our educational system, corruption and arrogance in high places, credibility of our leaders, fiscal irresponsibility, needless wars, as well as the abortion problem. We haven't abandoned our ideals, but we are firm in our support for Mr. Perot in all of the other issues facing our nation.

We realize the conflict this has caused many supporters of Perot. We counsel them "not to throw the baby out with the bath water," as the writer from Utah County would have us do. We intend to take all action possible within the Perot presidential campaign organization to influence him to change his viewpoint.

Alden Evans