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To the editor:

I will admit that I have laughed at Dan Quayle jokes and also that I have enjoyed an occasional episode of "Murphy Brown." I do not believe that a particular television series caused the rioting in Los Angeles. But I am extremely concerned by the attitude that was expressed in the recent column by your television editor Scott Pierce.His blatant ridicule of the vice president's comments deeply disturbed me, especially since as an editor for the Deseret News, his columns reflect the position of the newspaper.

Mr. Quayle seemed to be expressing a concern that the media portray a lack of moral values that is detrimental to society. Many social scientists have expressed concern about the influence of the media on the value systems of our children. Even in so-called family-oriented programs, premarital or extramarital sex is discussed as an accepted option.

Mr. Pierce's positions seemed to be that because Dan Quayle expressed a concern about family and moral values that he was foolish and out of touch with reality.

The reality is that we are barraged constantly with television, magazines, music and movies (most of which portray fictional characters) that portray actions and attitudes devoid of moral principles.

The reality is that the disintegration of the family truly has contributed to the increase in teen pregnancy, abortion, drug use and violence in our society.

The reality is that defenders of traditional family values are being ridiculed while those who urge acceptance and tolerance of alternative lifestyles are becoming mainstream.

It is very sad to me that a Deseret News editor would appear to be a detractor of someone who at least had the courage to condemn immorality and the negative influence of much that is portrayed in the media on the family. It is too bad that more of us don't have that courage.

Annette Dickman


Editor's note: As with all Deseret News columnists, the writings of TV editor Scott Pierce reflect his personal views. The official position of the Deseret News editorial board regarding the Quayle speech was stated in a lead editorial published May 22.