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Twelve inventions and two designs by Utah inventors were awarded patents by the United States Patent Office.

Cary S. Elder, Murray; Dennis K. Tolman, Brigham City; and Dale A. Gates, Irvine, Calif. A backwired, three-dimensional, electronic jig board assembly. Assigned to Northrop Corporation, Hawthorne, Calif. Filed March 12, 1991. Patent 5,109,597.James D. Johnson, West Point. A contact-type sensing probe for mounting on a machine tool. Filed April 23, 1991. Patent 5,109,610.

Stephen C. Jabobsen and John E. Wood, both of Salt Lake City. A lever-action transducer for measuring strain in an object. Assigned to Sarcos Group, Salt Lake City. Filed April 17, 1991, a division of patent 5,016,481. Patent 5,109,701.

Donald J. Cunningham, North Ogden, and Bradley W. Smith, Ogden. A flash igniter tube for use in a gas generator that employs solid fuel gas generant material to inflate a crash-protective bag. Filed Jan. 22, 1991. Patent 5,109,772.

Philip McDonald and Newel Kimball, both of Salt Lake City. Headgear for a cervical traction system. Filed Oct. 8, 1991, a continuation of application Nov. 9, 1989. Patent 5,109,835.

Ronald D. Jenkins, Salt Lake City. A method for removing atherosclerotic plaque from artery walls using laser energy. Assigned to Beth Israel Hospital Association, Boston, Mass. Filed Oct. 4, 1989. Patent 5,109,859.

James V. Yardley, Centerville. A trailer and an unmanned automated guided vehicle. Assigned to Eaton-Kenway, Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed March 5, 1991. Patent 5,109,940.

Benjamin Vandermeide, West Valley City. Toy shooting gallery. Filed Dec. 20, 1990. Patent 5,110,138.

James L. Hardy, Farmington. Electrical cord connection retainer. Filed July 30, 1991. Patent 5,110,303.

Taie Li, Salt Lake City; Thomas P. Clement, II, Perrysburg, Ohio, and John P. Hager, Golden, Colo. Process for the recovery and separation of arsenic from antimony. Assigned to ASARCO Incorporated, New York, N.Y. A continuation of patent 4,808,221 and applications Oct. 5, 1988 and Nov. 17, 1989. Patent 5,110,353.

Russell I. Alley and George E. Caine, both of Salt Lake City. Magnesium oxychloride cement compositions and methods for manufacture and use in repairing damaged concrete surfaces. Filed April 1, 1991, a continuation of patent 5,004,505. Patent 5,110,361.

Ronald K. Fields, Woodland; Paul R. Quinn and Todd Blackley, both of Park City. Computerized systems and method for making staff schedules as a function of available resources as well as employee skill level, availability and priority. Assigned to Mrs. Fields Inc., Park City. Filed Oct. 5, 1989. Patent 5,111,391.

Joseph S. Call, Bountiful. Filed sheet for floppy discs. Filed Feb. 6, 1990. Design patent 325,817.

Rex B. Niles, Redmond. Fabric holddown stake. Filed April 20, 1989. Design patent 325,870.