Anne Archer plays yet another suffering wife in her latest movie, "Patriot Games."

"Although I have done many other types of parts, casting people kept thinking of me as a wife and mother," she said in Sunday's Nashville Tennessean.Archer, who won an Oscar nomination for her role as Michael Douglas' forgiving wife in "Fatal Attraction," plays Harrison Ford's wife and the target of Irish terrorists in the new thriller based on the Tom Clancy book.

"At least Cathy is a strong, bright woman instead of some dippy broad. She's a brilliant eye surgeon, in complete control of herself," the actress said.

"It's also a very affirmative look at marriage. I even have a love scene with my husband. How many times do you see that in movies nowadays?"

`Can't We Get Along?' Yes, Pate Boone writes

Rodney King's plea for unity during the riots in Los Angeles has moved Pat Boone to write a song echoing those words.

Boone said he will make "Can't We Get Along?" into a video and an album to be recorded by stars including Smokey Robinson.

"I listened to Rodney say, `This is wrong. Can't we get along? Can't we work it out?' " said Boone, who played in a celebrity golf tournament over the weekend in Winston-Salem, N.C. "I feel that yes, we can get along, we can work it out and we can be friends."

Boone became famous as a singer and actor in the 1950s and '60s with such hits as "April Love" and "Love Letters in the Sand."

Fans feel shortchanged by comic's short show

Hundreds of London theatergoers who paid $36 to see comedian Joan Rivers besieged the box office demanding their money back because her show lasted only 45 minutes, police said Monday.

The performance at the Queen's Theater Sunday night was supposed to run two hours but ended after 45 minutes because it was being recorded for television.

Some 500 people refused to leave because they "were disgruntled at the length of the show," said a Scotland Yard spokesman. Officers from three police stations were called in to quiet the patrons when they demanded refunds.

"People also complained that the TV lights were in their eyes," said a box office worker. The Scotland Yard spokesman said theatergoers got a refund.

Thoughts of childhood led to `Singin' in the Rain'

Gene Kelly says he wanted to evoke the joys of childhood and being in love when he created the title number from "Singin' in the Rain."

Hollywood's most famous song-and-dance routine marks its 40th anniversary this year.

"I wanted to bring audiences back to their childhoods when they would cavort in the rain, even though their mothers would give them hell," the 79-year-old actor and dancer said in the latest issue of People magazine.

"I also wanted to make them feel like they were in love. A fellow in love does silly things."


TUESDAY: State primaries in Maine, North Dakota and Virginia and a runoff in Arkansas.

WEDNESDAY: Former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega faces sentencing on his racketeering and drug convictions. He could get 120 years.


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Supreme Court Justice Byron White, 75

First lady Barbara Bush, 67

Actor James Darren, 56

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