The community is filled with historic homes and once was the neighborhood of choice for Salt Lake City's blue blood and downtown white-collar workers, beginning with development in the 1850s. Today, a mix of people live in the area, which includes the very upscale Federal Heights area where the median home price is $257,000.

Residents of 84103, which overlaps the area, are most likely to fit into two demographic profiles. According to Claritas, a Virginia-based marketing firm, about a third of people fit into the category of "Bohemian Mix." Another third fit the "Single City Blues" category.Nationally, "Bohemian Mix" neighborhoods are a hodgepodge of white collars, students, divorced persons, actors, writers, artists, aging hippies and races. "Single City Blues" is a poor man's Bohemia - a densely urban, downscale singles area.

The neighborhoods of West Avenues, Midwest Avenues, Mideast Avenues, East Avenues, Federal Heights, Lindsey Gardens, Ensign, Northcrest and Arlington Hills make up this community.

Origin of city's name

The name Avenues name came into usage after the City Council changed east-west street designations from "street" to "avenue" in 1907. At the same time, the council also changed the name of north-south streets from names of trees to the current alphabetical designations.

Community/neighborhood organizations

The Greater Avenues Community Council meets the first Wednesday of each month at Lowell Elementary School, Third Avenue and D Street, at 7 p.m. For more information call Salt Lake Association of Community Councils at 535-7929.

Did you know?

Robert Anderson built a three-story tower in 1884 on a small promontory at Sixth Avenue and A Street. The round tower, constructed of stone, featured view windows on each level. Although he expected to profit from tourists who would pay for the view from the top, the base of "Anderson's Folly" offered the same attraction for free. In the end, Anderson's Tower, which stood until 1932, became the subject of photographers rather than a place frrm which to take photographs.

Household size

2.16 people per household

Where it's located



Cathedral of the Madeleine, LDS Hospital, City Cemetery, Shriner's Hospital, Ottinger Hall, Kearns Mansion. More than 88 homes and buildings were documented in the 1980 book "The Avenues" as having architectural or historical significance.

Median home price

The median home price is area A is $207,100, $91,800 in area B, $83,300 in area C, $88,400 in area D and $257,000 in area E.


Memory Grove

Kletting Minipark

Lindsey Gardens

Shipp Minipark

11th Avenue Park

Popperton Park

Foothill hiking and mountain biking



White 15,424

Hispanic 593

Asian or Pacific Is. 455

Black 120

American Indian 84

Sources: Greater Avenues Community Council, State Data Center, U.S. Census Bureau, Salt Lake City Parks and Recreation, "The Avenues of Salt Lake City," by Kurt T. Haglund and Philip F. Notarianni.