A delegation of big city mayors led by Democrat Raymond Flynn of Boston met with likely presidential contender Ross Perot and said the Dallas billionaire agreed to the need for urban revitalization.

Although Perot agreed with them on the need for economic development, they said Monday he did not give complete support to their $34.8 billion plan to rebuild America's cities. He wanted to study it some more, they said.The mayors held a brief news conference after the two-hour meeting with Perot, who did not appear at the conference.

Flynn, who headed the group representing the U.S. Conference of Mayors, said they were impressed by Perot's interest in their problems and that he agreed to meet monthly with mayors if he becomes president.

"Mr. Perot is a hot item today and we are only trying to put our concerns on the burner," Flynn said, noting that President Bush has refused to meet with them. "Nobody is listening to us, but we are going to keep on fighting."

It was also disclosed Monday that Perot's staff has contacted the television networks about advertising costs on June 27, his birthday. Perot has said he might declare his candidacy in June.

Perot spokeswoman Sharon Holman confirmed contacts had been made, "but I don't know if anything has been purchased."