A cinematographer who suffered an eye injury because of a runaway lawnmower during filming of the movie "Maximum Overdrive" has settled with the film's producers for $975,000.

Armando Nannuzzi, also cinematographer for the movies "La Cage aux Folles" and "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly," was a victim of an incident in which life imitated the story Stephen King and Dino de Laurentiis were filming.The film, shot in North Carolina in July 1985, is about machines that suddenly become self-propelled and turn on humans. At one point, a lawnmower chases and tries to kill a young boy on a bicycle.

King, insisting on realism, ordered over the objections of special effects people that the lawnmower's blades be left in, according to papers filed in Supreme Court, the state's trial court.

At the end of one scene, the mower took off "like thunder," Nannuzzi said, or "like a runaway horse," King said. The blades chopped up several pieces of wood supporting a camera stand and hurled a splinter in Nannuzzi's eye.