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Donations have enabled the Gallery of History Through Art to purchase four paintings depicting local scenes.

A donation by Cox Rock Products led to the purchase of a landscape by Manti High School art student Chris Cox that depicts a group of trees against a lake background.Dr. and Mrs. John Frischknecht and Mr. and Mrs. Kay Frisch-knecht purchased a Kathy Peterson watercolor that commemorates the founding of the sheep industry in Manti.

Morlin and June Cox joined with Manti City to purchase Sandra Johnson's pastel portrait of Chief Walker, one of Manti's founders.

And Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bessey provided the funds to buy a watercolor by Mike Porter in memory of the now demolished Manti Co-op and Charlie Braithwaite's Red and White Grocery. The historic buildings recently gave way to a supermarket.

The artists are all Sanpete County residents.

Curator Albert Antrei said the gallery strives to preserve local history that might otherwise be lost.

The gallery, located on the bottom floor of the Manti Public Library, is open between 2 and 6 p.m. It will close for the season on Sept. 15.

In the meantime the gallery will continue to show sketches made by Vera Munk Jensen of women's fashions in the 1930-40 period.