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Vice President Dan Quayle picked a fresh fight with Hollywood on Monday, accusing the participants in TV's Emmy awards presentation of lying about his views toward single mothers.

"They said I attacked single mothers. That is a lie," Quayle told a small crowd that welcomed him to Alabama at the start of a three-day campaign swing. "They said that I believe single mothers and their children were not families. That is a lie."Quayle was a frequent target of jokes during Sunday's nationally televised Emmy awards, as Hollywood returned fire for his criticism of TV character Murphy Brown's decision to have a child out of wedlock.

Quayle's retort was directed at the show's creator," Diane English, who addressed herself to single parents during the Emmy's program and said, "Don't let anyone tell you you're not a family."

Quayle's rejoinder came as he began a campaign trip to small cities in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri and Oklahoma.

In criticizing "Murphy Brown," Quayle said the show and its lead character, played by actress Candice Bergen, were glorifying single parenthood in a way that discredited traditional family values. He has said repeatedly he was not criticizing single parents.

Bergen thanked Quayle when she accepted her Emmy, and the vice president had this response when he landed in Huntsville: "Now Murphy Brown, listen closely because I'm only going to say it once: You owe me big time."

Then, after responding to the criticism he received during the program, Quayle said: "Hollywood doesn't like our values. Hollywood doesn't like our beliefs."

Quayle attended a fund-raiser in Alabama before speaking to employees at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center and then heading on to Mississippi and Georgia.

At the Huntsville airport, he repeated his assertion that electing Clinton would mean higher taxes. "Gov. Clinton thinks you create jobs by raising taxes," Quayle said. "You and I know you create jobs by cutting taxes, not raising taxes."