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Signs that the days of summer are dwindling:

- The kids have started their fall classes.- Prime-time television has traded in the summer reruns - which these days seem to start in early spring - for season premieres.

- Scott Taylor's annual "best of" column, a rehash of selected items from the year's previous Offbeat columns.

And with this year's Offbeats dedicated to Top 10 listings, this summer's rehash includes the 10 assorted highlights from previous Top 10 lists. . .

10. Most bizarre unclaimed items in the BYU lost and found:

9. A wedding dress.

7. A hearing aid.

1. A sack lunch - contents still uneaten.

9. Rejected name proposals for WordPerfect:

7. WordsApart

3. WordWorking

2. NewWordOrder

8. Candidates to speak at next year's Nu Skin distributors convention:

8. Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

4. D.B. Cooper and Amelia Earhart.

1. The young Elvis and the old Elvis.

7. Name suggestions for a new high school in southwest Provo:

5. Natural High

2. NuPerfect High

1. Inversion High

6. Name/mascot combinations for a new high school in southwest Provo:

9. Robert High - the Robert Red Fords.

5. Westside High - the Westside Stories.

1. Bay High - the Bay Bees.

5. Similar-name foreign cities:

3. Amersfoort, Netherlands

2. Oren, Turkey

1. Provo, Serbia

4. Uses for dead carp:

5. Scented wind chimes.

3. Biodegradable pot scrubbers.

1. Lifelike bath toys for the kids.

3. Main dishes made with carp:

6. Carploaf.

4. Sweet-and-sour carp.

1. Green eggs and carp.

2 License plates we'd love to see:

9. IM4DY-RU - for a Cougar fan.

4. MU JUUS - for a dairy farmer or milkman.

1. OMYHECK - enough said.

1. Excuses given by apprehended shoplifters:

8. "I wanted to try it out first."

3. "Can I just work here for a few hours to make up for it?"

1. "I honestly don't know how that got down my pants."

(Scott Taylor, Provo, is a Deseret News assistant city editor and a former assistant bureau chief of the newspaper's Utah County Bureau.)