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The KGB hatched an unsuccessful plot to kill Boris Yeltsin while he was on a trip to Tajikistan in 1985 as chairman of the Soviet construction industry, the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper reported Tuesday.

According to the report, KGB senior official Vladimir Kryuchkov ordered the head of Tajikistan's KGB to have Yeltsin shot during a visit to the Sangtudinskaya hydroelectric station that he was inspecting as construction chief.But the KGB officer who was ordered to shoot Yeltsin refused to carry out the order, the newspaper said. The newspaper based its story on a report by the Russian news agency IMA-Press, which did not give sources.

Kryuchkov, who became head of the KGB in 1988, now is in jail awaiting trial on charges that he was one of the leaders of the August 1991 coup attempt.

The report did not say why Kryuchkov wanted Yeltsin assassinated. Yeltsin had not yet emerged as a maverick reformist.

Yeltsin was named construction chief in April 1985, a few weeks after Mikhail Gorbachev became head of the Soviet Communist Party. Yeltsin remained head of Soviet construction until he became Communist Party chief for the city of Moscow in December 1985.