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I read an article in the Aug. 20 edition of the Deseret News by Bob Bernick on senatorial candidate Bob Bennett and have to say that, quite frankly, I'm confused. Either Bernick didn't properly research the milk fund scandal or the article was written with some sarcasm.

In one paragraph, Bernick says that Bennett said he had no knowledge of where the funds were coming from. In a following paragraph, it states that more than $2 million was funneled through the Bennett-created committees.I personally find it strange that someone would funnel $2 million and not question where or why or how. How did Bennett create these committees and get people to serve if he couldn't explain the nature of the committee to them?

Bernick also refers to a memo written by Bennett that tells the chain of command that "no damaging information has been released." My question is, how does Bennett determine what "damaging information" is if he had no knowledge of the inner workings of the milk fund scandal.

I also want to know how Bennett can justify the handling of the campaign contributions as being completely legal when the whole situation is referred to as a scandal. It sounds to me like Bennett is a good ol' boy from Washington who has already been tarnished by the standard operating procedure of Washington and he can't possibly be the fresh new face he claims to be.

Jeff Thompson