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Although she's 27, Wynonna Judd says she feels like a teenager who has just left home for college.

She's still adjusting to life without her singing partner-mother, Naomi, who retired last year because of chronic hepatitis."My identity's always been Naomi Judd's kid," she said this week. "I always hid behind Mom a little bit."

But since April, when she launched her solo tour, she's had to find her own way - and with great success. Her debut solo album, "Wynonna," has sold more than 1 million copies. Still, it hasn't been easy.

"At first, it was like there was a 3-foot space at the microphone and I wouldn't move outside that space. I was like a kid learning how to skate; I was barely able to let go of the rail."

Some fans of the country singer have brought her brownies and soup - comfort foods.

"People are really understanding what I'm going through because we all do it," said Judd.