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A final settlement in the lawsuit between Davis County and the Kern River Pipeline company over the gas transmission line in the county's eastern foothills was approved Wednesday.

The county will accept $26,000 from the company for a right-of-way for the pipeline, which carries natural gas from Wyoming to California, through Utah and Nevada.The company initally offered the county $6,000 for the easement and rights to build its line across county-owned land, an offer the county turned down.

The company condemned the land, and the pipeline was built, going into operation last fall, while county deputy attorney Jerry Hess and property manager Ralph Wilcox continued negotiations with Kern River.

"The pipeline's in and operating, through the condemnation procedure," Hess said Wednesday. "We have very little choice but to accept a settlement, the only question being how much it is," he advised the county commissioners.

"I feel pretty good about the offer," said Hess. "The original offer was $6,000, so we're ending up with about four times that amount."