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Prowswood Management Inc. is blaming Salt Lake County for flood damage to 48 units at the Old Farm residential complex, saying engineers were warned of the potential problem.

In a letter to Commissioner Mike Stewart, Prowswood Vice President Jake Amos said the flooding on July 12 was due to county construction work on a culvert along 500 East at 4100 South."When the rains started on July 9, we cautioned the project engineer not to block the water flow because the drainage from above Old Farm would accumulate very quickly at this point," Amos wrote.

However, workers installed shoring on the west side of 500 East, preventing the free flow of water, he said. At the peak of the big storm on July 12, the water backed up in a small creek and flooded the 48 units, according to Amos.

The damage would have been worse if a backhoe operator hadn't removed the shoring, he added. Prowswood Management is seeking $6,875, which Amos said was "only part of the financial losses we suffered."