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A Brigham Young University professor has been named one of the top Mongolian scholars in the world by the International Association of Mongol Studies.

Sechin Jagchid, a professor emeritus of history, is one of 10 people to receive the award and the only recipient from the United States.Jagchid received the award in August at a conference in Ulan-batar, the capital of Mongolia. He was recognized for his outstanding work in the field of Mongol studies and his contributions toward implementing association objectives.

"I personally feel that it is a great honor to be recognized by my mother land," said Jagchid, a native Mongolian and former department chairman at Chengchai Uni-versity in Taiwan. He arrived at BYU as a visiting professor in 1972.

President P. Ochirbat of the Mongolian People's Republic was present at the Ulanbatar conference, attended by nearly 300 Mongolian scholars.