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We need a new lane of traffic on the freeway. It for those people who feel they are so important that laws and common courtesy don't apply to them.

On Aug. 12, I was driving on I-15. Just after we passed the 600 North off-ramp, I moved into the fast lane. There were two cars ahead of me and two cars in the next lane that were close enough that it would have been dangerous to move over.I was staying with the normal flow of traffic when I noticed a gray Saab turbo in my rear-view mirror that was weaving through traffic as if no one else mattered. He came up behind me and got so close that I could see the paint chips on his expensive car.

He flashed his lights at me, and I could see he gave me a nasty look. I had another car not more than 5 feet away in the adjacent lane. I thought I would move over when I passed this car.

Well, this was just not acceptable to the jerk in the Saab. As soon as I passed the adjacent car and was preparing to move, he cut me off, with no signal, of course, and moved around me so close my mother in the front seat jumped. As he moved forward, there was another car still ahead of us in the fast lane. In order not to be inconvenienced, Mr. Pig cut off a van pulling a trailer and moved around the forward car just as he had moved around me. As we passed the 600 South off-ramp, he did this again and again. Finally, he had an open lane in front of him and proceeded to leave us all in his dust.

Stephen K. Lang