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A record 34 balloons lift off Friday morning at the 10th annual Autumn Aloft Hot-Air Balloon Festival in Park City, where balloonists compete for prizes during two-hour flights. An 80-foot teddy bear and a 100-foot peanut will adorn the sky, among more traditional balloon shapes. In one of the games, "Hare and Hound," pilots see who can drop a beanbag closest to a target below. According to aeronaut Troy Bradley, ballooning is something just about anyone can do. "Most people relax once they have been in a balloon a couple of minutes because there is no wind to give you a sense of motion." Park City merchants are opening their stores early during the festival to accommodate the expected 20,000 spectators. Shuttles will transport people from the parking lot at The Resort Center, at the base of the Park City Ski Area, to the launch site at Park Meadows Golf Club, about every 15 minutes. The free festival continues through Sunday, starting around 7 each morning.