Ernest Borgnine, depressed over a failing marriage, says he considered suicide until his life was turned around by a chance meeting with fellow actor George Lindsey.

Borgnine, now 77, said he struck up a friendship with Lindsey in the early 1960s after they met in a restaurant.Lindsey, who played the country bumpkin Goober on "The Andy Griffith Show," became such a good friend that Borgnine's life changed for the better, Borgnine said in an interview for Fox TV's "A Current Affair."

SATURDAY: Space shuttle Endeavour is scheduled for launch on a mission involving a Japanese spacelab.

SUNDAY: International Wetlands Conference gets under way in Columbus, Ohio.



Sept. 11

Former Dallas Cowboys

football coach Tom Landry 68

Actor Earl Holliman 64

Movie director Brian De Palma 52