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Booming growth in Orem is putting pressure on the Orem Cemetery in two ways: it's filling up and land to expand is getting scarce.

The city estimates it will sell out existing lots at the cemetery, 1500 N. 800 East, in 40 years. But the City Council wants to ensure Orem residents have the option of being buried in their hometown well into the future.The Council directed staff to begin purchase of vacant property south of the cemetery. The 18-acre site is currently owned by seven people and would provide adequate room to continue operation of the cemetery until the year 2080.

"We have a responsibility to community members to provide them with a final resting place that is maintained through the general fund," said Councilman Kelvin C. Clayton. "I think we need to tie up this land. It's a natural site for it."

The Public Works Department estimates it will cost $1.74 million to buy and develop the land. The city has $167,000 in an endowment fund it could use to begin the purchase but would have to come up with the rest of the money.