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To the winners go the spoils - and the losers' signs.

Disc jockeys at KISN (FM-97.1) sponsored a contest to collect the signs, created a memorial cemetery to the primary-election losers and then gave the signs to the winners for recycling."Yeah, there's a few signs here," DJ Scott Fisher said as he used a rock to hammer a wooden cross into the ground at the "cemetery of the obsolete politician" Thursday.

At the urging of Fisher and his cohort, Todd Collard, listeners collected more than 1,000 signs of the losers in Tuesday's primary election and brought them to the radio station.

Signs came from as far away as Provo and as long ago as the last general election. The winner of the contest gathered 181 signs and won a CD player and 10 CDs.

Representatives from Bill Orton's campaign stopped by to pick up some of the sticks, "which are like gold," Fisher said.

Representatives from Enid Greene's campaign also showed up - to collect a bunch of their signs that were mistakenly pulled up. "The Greene people weren't really happy with this," Fisher said. "We only asked for (signs from) those who had been eliminated."