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The Neil Young concert at ParkWest on Wednesday, Sept. 16, may be electrifying; it just won't be electric. Tipping his hat to the MTV trend of "unplugged" concerts, Young will go acoustic this time around.

It will be full circle for the singer. The solitary tunesmith and his ax; the lonely songwriter and his only friend. For Young, it will be a trip back to the womb.Show time is 7:30 p.m. Bluesman John Hammond and the unplugged version of the hot band James will be on hand as well. Tickets are available through Smith'sTix.

Call 355-5522 for information.

The notion of an all-acoustic Neil Young show has already raised expectations. Will he do a bunch of cuts from "After the Gold Rush"? Will he offer a heart-wrenching version of "Helpless"? Will we get the sweet sounds of "Four Strong Winds" from his soundtrack to the movie "Where the Buffalo Roam"?

One hopes.

Young, however, isn't talking. Always offish and a bit hermetic, the singer has been aloof and uncompromising in his message and the medium he chooses. He has gone from spokesman for a generation to a venerated pop icon - the only artist from the Buffalo Springfield/Crosby, Stills and Nash era not trading on nostalgia. His gift for surprising people will make the show and event.

John Hammond, however, will be less of a mystery. Hot on the heels of his first major album in 15 years, Hammond will be Hammond. The best thing that can be said about the man is this: Perhaps white men can't jump, but Hammond's living proof they can play the blues. Listen for a set of classics, from "Mean Old Frisco" to "Milk Cow Blues."

The group James will bring a bit of youth to the show and will likely spin a few cuts from their new CD.