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Utah Power has applied to Idaho's Department of Lands for permission to dredge a canal 3,000 feet long by 200 feet wide to further drain Bear Lake, already at only 58 percent of capacity. Though this may seem an Idaho concern, it certainly belongs to Utah as well, with half the lake in each state.

The lake is being devastated by continued pumping. Utah Power believes it has the right to do all necessary to access the lake level specified in the 1902 Bear River Pact, including dredging a canal to reach the lake as it recedes to near record levels. It now is time to review and revise the Bear River Pact to bring it in line with 1992 needs.Those in Utah and Idaho who enjoy Bear Lake's natural beauty and recreation need to notify Idaho's Department of Lands that they are opposed to further pumping of Bear Lake. Do not let bureaucracy's poor water management decisions destroy one of the West's most beautiful areas.

Sandefur Schmidt