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Alpine School District announced recently that two teachers will share the district's "Teacher of the Year" honors for 1992-93.

Jean Elkins, a special education teacher at Hillcrest Elementary School, and Frank Garrett, a resource teacher at Highland Elementary School, were introduced as the recipients of this year's award at Tuesday's school board meeting."The honor is symbolic gratitude for their contribution to the lives they have touched during their dedicated careers," said Jack Reid, assistant superintendent.

Elkins has taught dance, physical education and worked with the intellectually handicapped for more than 15 years. She has also worked with the district in developing curriculum. Her goal as a teacher is for her students to become self-reliant.

"My reward comes from teaching when a child learns skills necessary for survival, when I have put forth my best effort, and when I feel a child's love," she said.

Garrett is in his 12th year of teaching and has worked with the learning disabled, behavior disordered and intellectually handicapped. He also has taught gifted and talented classes and computer literacy.

"I want my students and everyone I meet to know that I am genuine and that I will do all I can to make them succeed," he said.

Elkins and Garrett will now be considered for state honors.