Griffin Patrick O'Neal, 27, the son of actor Ryan O'Neal, has been charged with terrorizing his estranged girlfriend.

O'Neal allegedly pushed Lynn Oddo, 23, during a confrontation Saturday night, then made threatening telephone calls to the her, said Deputy District Attorney Otis "Lee" Hubbard.On Aug. 30, O'Neal allegedly fired a bullet into her car, which wasn't occupied, authorities said.

O'Neal, 27, was charged Thursday and has been released on $50,000 bail.

He faces up to three years and eight months in prison if convicted. He was scheduled for arraignment Oct. 7.

O'Neal has had several previous brushes with the law, including a community service sentence for the 1986 reckless boating death of Gian-Carlo Coppola, 23, son of movie director Francis Ford Coppola.