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I applaud the Deseret News for Jay Evensen's front page story that dealt with the unreasonableness of tearing down the Salt Palace Acord Arena. Here's a vote against demolition of the landmark drum because I believe it occupies a major role in the architectural history of our community.

Quoted in the article, County Commission staffer Kevin Higgins said we would keep Symphony Hall because it is a beautiful building and tear down the arena because it isn't. Is any style beautiful when it is about 20 years old? Was the City and County Building appreciated for its beauty back in the 1910s? Probably not. And, if fashionable beauty is basis for judgment, will Symphony Hall be safe from demolition in a few more years?Granted, the convention business is up to its loges in what's hot. But long after the war with Las Vegas is ashes, Salt Lake people will need the meaning of historical roots. The Salt Palace arena is historical by definition: It is the work of a previous generation. It represents the best those people could produce. It has housed numerous significant events. It is a landmark. And, architecturally, it exemplifies soon-to-be-rare style and technology.

Convention facilities form only a small part of this city. We should require our public servants to actively guard the assets that contribute to our identity as a people. After all, the most valuable offering to our visitors is ourselves.

Dan Christensen

Salt Lake City