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Our children are back in school. Collectively, they span each level of education. We appreciate and acknowledge their educators and the time they spend preparing to teach our children. However, we do have a great concern regarding entertainment videos. "Ninja Turtles," "Sleeping Beauty" and even R-rated new releases are being shown to students as time-fillers or rewards.

Last year, movies were shown for two consecutive days in the remedial reading class because the teacher was sick. Four movies were shown the last three days of school because the books were already turned in. "Bambi" was used to reinforce an animal unit. Movies were shown on Fridays because it is a "short day."We know there is a policy governing this practice in the Granite School District. We have spoken with teachers, principals and district personnel about the abuse of this rule. Still, our children are being "taught" with Disney classics.

Teachers, we encourage the use of all available media to teach our children: books, newspapers, magazines, TV, art projects, field trips, hands-on experiences and even videos when appropriate and when the video is educational in content. National Geographic, 3-2-1 Contact, state and national PTA, university PBS stations are all possible resources.

We are ready to voice objections when entertainment videos are used as time-fillers, wasting valuable educational time. We are anxious to see a productive school year.

Martin and Elaine Craven

and 10 others

Salt Lake City