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Though I am happy with my own political party, I have infrequently "scratched" the ticket if I felt the other party was running a better candidate. The time has come in November for both major parties to work together to help defeat Merrill Cook in his race for governor. He has run before and keeps losing. He seems to be a political "opportunist" who does not lack for funds and is intent on buying himself some office. His public statements are divisive, and he tries to fan secondary causes into primary open flames. Anything to get elected.

Two years ago an "aide de camp" of his came to our state convention and tried to persuade us to let Merrill run on our ticket. The promise was made that if so allowed, Cook would not run as an Independent. When Merrill was finally located, he refused the whole deal, embarrassing even his aides. I do not recall any apology from Cook for that breach of political etiquette. He prefers to ride "roughshod" over people.I am truly frightened of the type of personality that might emerge should Merrill win the governorship. At this point I would gladly vote for a Democrat rather than let him take charge. But, fortunately, my party is running an excellent man. I hope there are thousands out there who agree with me.

Earl V. Elmont