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A recent letter to the editor by Don Peterson points out a very real problem with UTA service that many in the Salt Lake Valley are unaware of, and that is that buses are full, particularly those that run during rush hours.

In 1985, UTA began service from Salt Lake to Provo with 16 buses a day making that run. Service has been steadily expanded on this line due to its popularity and now there are 50 buses a day making the trip between Salt Lake and Provo. From 4:30 p.m. to 5:10 p.m., there is a bus to Provo every 10 minutes. And still the demand for bus service grows and passengers like Peterson are unable to find a seat on the bus or have to wait for the next one, hoping it's not full, too.UTA is taking steps to add service to this route, but the bus fleet is being stretched to its limit. A revised scheduling and bus assignment plan will go into effect in November that will make one more bus available for the overloaded service to Provo.

I hope the extra bus in November will help Peterson and others find a seat for their commute home, but I am afraid that in a short time this bus will be full, too.

Kip Billings

Utah Transit Authority