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U.S. senators frequently forget that their activities reflect not only on their own constituents but also the residents of every other state. Such a senator is Orrin Hatch.

On the basis of the story, "Lawmaker's Defense of BCCI Went Beyond Speech in Senate" (New York Times, Aug. 26), Hatch should be thoroughly investigated (by someone other than a Senate committee) and, if the charges are substantiated, the senator should be obliged to resign.If this country is to avoid further disasters such as the BCCI and S&L scandals, all members of Congress must be held more fully accountable for their actions in granting assistance to questionable characters in the business world.

If Hatch does not resign before his term expires, it is to be hoped he will not be re-elected. To return him to Congress would be a disservice to those of us in the other 49 states.

Paul S. Weber

Kennebunk, Maine