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On Aug. 29, we were watching the Native American Parade when I ran out of film at a very crucial moment. I wanted a picture of the "Navajo Code Talkers" so I could send a picture to a Navajo friend.

I asked a lady who was nearby if she would let me borrow her negatives when she was through with them. She told me she was only taking pictures of the West High Band. Then she asked her husband if he had extra film, which she gave to me. She told me to run down 200 South to see if I could catch the front part of the parade, but we did not make it. I would like to thank this lady so very much. I did not get her name. I would like to send her some film. I am still looking for someone who might have got some pictures of the parade.Thanks to the Native Americans who put this parade together; it was wonderful. I was very proud of all of them. The powwows in the evening were great, too.

Betty C. Young

Salt Lake City