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It seems that many in our society have missed a key point in the debate over choice, life and abortion.

It is true that a woman must have free choice over her own body. She must be free to choose when, where and with whom she will have sex. Once she has exercised that choice, however, she does not have the right to unchoose the consequences of her free choice.When a woman is pregnant, another individual is involved and that individual's rights must also be considered. A woman has a right to choose to have a child, but she cannot undo that choice once it has been made, because she doesn't have the right to hurt someone else in the process.

If men are allowed to evade their responsibilities to their offspring, it is not surprising that many women also do not want to shoulder the entire responsibility.

If it is our desire as a society to promote the right to free sex, then we have forgotten that the fundamental exercise of procreation has societal as well as individual responsibility.

Steven W. Blodgett