Hector "Macho" Camacho made a fashion statement Saturday night, but he made it at a boxing show and the star of that show was Julio Cesar Chavez.

The unbeaten Chavez was not dazzled by Camacho's colorful and unusual garb, nor by the challenger's boxing skills as he easily retained the WBC super lightweight title before a sellout crowd of 19,100 at the Thomas & Mack Center.The champion from Mexico battered Camacho for 11 of the 12 rounds, closing his left eye and cutting him above the right, smashing his body and almost knocking him down in the final round.

The 30-year-old Chavez has won all 82 of his pro fights. It was the second loss for Camacho, also 30, of Puerto Rico, against 41 wins.

Judge Howie Gibbs of England scored it 120-107, Carol Castellano of New York scored it 119-110 and judge Dalby Shirley of Las Vegas scored it 117-111, all for Chavez.

The Associated Press scored it 119-109.

"My style is going to frustrate him," Camacho said before the fight. It didn't bother Chavez in the least.

Camacho's best round was the first, when he jabbed, moved and grabbed Chavez. From then on, it was all Chavez, with the fight becoming repetitous in the late rounds.

"The Mexican people will never forgive me if I lost," Chavez had said.

It quickly became apparent to the champion's horde of Mexican followers in the arena that their hero was in no danger.

"They're begging me to give him a beating, not just win," Chavez had said.

Chavez beat him up, not just beat him. Camacho came into the ring with a red, white and blue robe and some kind of contraption on his head. He wore blue trunks with red, white and blue panels hanging from the waistband and a big star where a buckle would be.

Chavez did have sequins down the sides of his trunks but they were basically hero white trimmed in gunfighter black.

Camacho, once one of the fastest fighters in the game, simply could not keep away from Chavez after the first round, and the champion battered him with both hands to the body, left hooks to the head and right leads.

Even Camacho's left-handed style had no effect.

"Camacho came out a better fighter than I expected him to be," Chavez said. "He is not the feminine individual I expected him to be."

On the undercard, Michael Nunn overcame an early beating and a late knockdown to win a 12-round split decision and take the World Boxing Association super middleweight championship from Panama's Victor Cordoba.