I was very disappointed to learn of confirmed plans to tear down the Salt Palace Acord Arena. I can still recall being part of a halftime performance at a Jazz playoff game when I was 11 and how much that meant to me. Now I am a 19-year-old college student, thankful that home is a place with beautiful landmarks, culture and people.

The Delta Center is a great asset to Salt Lake and a valuable facility for large audiences. However, the Acord Arena is also very valuable and functional. I don't feel the Delta Center should replace the Salt Palace but rather that the two buildings work together to keep Salt Lake City going strong.I am appalled that the arena will be open for "therapeutic hammer parties" to say goodbye. This event is not a celebration in my eyes.

Salt Lake is a fantastic place; it doesn't need to be changes to be like other cities. We should take pride in what we have here and continue making it better without discarding places such as the Salt Palace that have played major roles in making the city what it is today.

Kathy Anderson