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The Weber County Commission approved $1 million in departmental cuts and shifts in its 1992 budget.

And when the juggling was over Wednesday, Commissioner Randall Williford said he didn't think the county could afford the $8 million needed for a downtown conference center.Moreover, tightening the budget could also mean some jobs will be lost next year, the commissioners said.

"I don't want everyone to live with the idea that everything is worked out and all the problems are solved," Williford said.

The cuts came after weeks of closely scrutinizing the $20 million budget, where a shortfall was recently discovered that officials said is the result of overanticipated property tax and jail revenues, along with a budgeting error.

Departments that face the most severe cuts include the sheriff's department, where $190,000 was cut, and the social services department, where $150,000 was cut. Although no jobs will be lost this year, layoffs might be considered in January in the 1993 budget, said Commissioner Joan Hellstrom.

The commissioners opted to slash the budget after voting last week to fund $2 million toward an Olympic ice rink at Weber State University. That money will come from revenue earned from a new restaurant tax, which could have been used to pay the $770,000 debt owed on the Weber County Fairgrounds.

The money for the fairgrounds comes out of the general fund.

The ice rink will tie up the restaurant tax, which brings in about $800,000 a year, until 1995, Williford said.

"I think we can't afford the conference center right now," Williford said.