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The Breann's country-style wrap-around porch sens a welcoming message to visitors, as well as to family members returning home at the end of the day. And since this is a single level home, plans can be easily adapted for sheelchair accessibilty.

That same friendly atmosphere carries over the interior as well. Skylights brighten a spacious vaulted family room with tall windows and a glass door that opens onto another railed deck at the rear. A small bathroom is hdden behind a door in the vaulted entryway, convenient to all of the family living areas. A roomy closet is just across the passageway.More vaulted ceilings add elegance to the dining room and living room. Both rooms are comfortably large. A huge bay window in the living room faces across the covered porch and beyond. Bookshelves line one wall and a curved hearth spans the space in front of the shelves, wood box and fire-place, visually uniting these elements.

The kitchen is huge but still efficient. This is achieved by clustering the most heavily used features--cooktop, sink and refrigerator--in a tight triangle. Windows on two sides create a garden window effect in front of the sink. A dishwasher and trash compactor are next to the sink.

Kitchen storage space is more than generous. A built-in hutch fills one wall of the nook, protecting crystal and china from dust while allowing daily appreciation of these family heirlooms. The large walk-in pantry has face-framing on one saide, providing direct access to shelves from the kitchen. You can also entry the kitchen from the garage. A hobby room or home office is close to both.

Bedrooms and a utility room are down the hall to the right of the entry. Amenities in the spacious owners' suite include a large walk-in closet and private bathroom with raised spa tub, ovewrsized shower and a dressing room with a basin in the vanity.

Two of the three other bedrooms have skylit private bathrooms. The utility room has a fold-down ironing board and plenty of counter space for folding clothes.

See floor plan on page C2 on microfilm.