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Murphy Brown is expected to get her revenge on Dan Quayle in the sitcom's season opener (Sept. 21 on CBS), but first her alter-ego wants her say. Candice Bergen says at first she was amused by the vice president's criticism of Murphy's decision to become a single mother. "In the beginning I was kind of amused by all this. I always thought the vice president was kind of cute, you know, in a defenseless way," the actress told TV Guide. "But now that he's come back with this new persona that they've invented for him . . . the administration has taken on such an arrogrant, aggressive tone and I find that really offensive." Bergen says a lot of thought went into the decision to have Murphy become a single mother. "I myself, as a parent, believe the ideal is you have a two-parent family. I'm the last person to think fathers are obsolete," she said. But, "I think it was absolutely the right decision to have the baby. Absolutely. For Murphy and the show."