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After two losses, the Aggies haven't been able to decide on a full-time quarterback.

Or running back.Freshman Tai Gordon has been the starter both games but carried only a couple of times in the second half at Arizona and four times in the second half against Utah.

Senior Chad Tigert was idle through both first quarters but essentially finished out both games as the main back.

Through the first two games, each has gained 52 rushing yards.

"Right now me and Tai are basically switching off," says Tigert. Against Utah, he said, "They just wanted to run hard up the middle, so that's why they put me in there. They wanted to pound yards."

Offensive coordinator Jim Zorn agreed that was half the story. "There were two reasons we put Tigert in," he says. "One, we wanted to run inside-zone running plays, and, second, we wanted to get a bigger guy in there for pass protection in case they started to come. In the third quarter, they started 'dogging us more, and I felt like he (Tigert) could get that job done."

Tigert only carried six times for 17 yards against Utah.

"Tai didn't do anything to pull him out," Zorn added. In fact, Gordon made a big improvement in his second game. He had 8 yards on nine carries at Arizona and 44 yards on 18 tries against the Utes, including a long run of 17. "Yeah, we're excited about it," Zorn said.

The offensive line also made improvement. "Oh, yeah, what a leap," Zorn said. "I'm really proud of them. They came out and gave us the protection we needed. Now we just need to put it together and respond well and need to continue to work on the running game."