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I am angry. The state of Utah has destroyed a great new business, wiped out 75 Utah jobs and broken several of its own laws. It cost innocent people hundreds of thousands of dollars and the company even millions of dollars, and the state sits back smugly and says, "Oops, we made a mistake." How dare it.

In November 1990, the Utah Securities Division suspended the trading of Sweet Thanks International common stock, and it came out in court that this was done before any investigation.That suspension and the subsequent persecution of officers and shareholders is the most unfortunate, unfair and unrighteous use of government powers I have ever seen.

Criminal charges were filed against three individuals the day before Thanksgiving last year. Earlier this month, all of those charges were dropped. "Oops, we made a mistake."

The company was destroyed and no longer exists. Lives have been ruined and millions lost. If individuals as agents of the state attorney general's office and other state offices destroy something illegally, are they to be held accountable? You're darn right they should be. If it means changing immunity laws, do it. If it means cleaning house of incompetent public servants, do it.

David W. Barnett