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The huge building at 2200 E. Murray-Holladay Road has sat unfinished far too long. Windows are being broken, the lawn in dying, it is an eyesore to all of us who live in Holladay.

I read with great interest the article in which the County Commission suggested the building might be used for low-income elderly housing. What a great idea.There is a desperate need in Salt Lake County for all kinds of low-income housing, and if a feasibility study determined that the structure could accommodate elderly housing, I, for one, would be all for it.

We live a block behind the building, and I can see no reason for alarm, as some Holladay residents have expressed. Increase in traffic in and out of the area does not seem to be a problem; how many elderly citizens go hot-rodding around town?

This location is right on the bus line. There is a grocery store, drugstores, small restaurants and a post office within walking distance. We should welcome these people, not reject them. They have contributed through the years to the welfare of Salt Lake. Now it is time for us to care about them.

Billee E. Skinner

Salt Lake City