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A rash of carjackings, including one that left a young mother dead, has inflamed some Capitol Hill lawmakers and prompted the FBI to consider using undercover agents as decoys.

"Decoys are a viable option," special agent Frank Scafidi said Sunday. "If the FBI can help in any way to turn around what's beginning to be a real escalating problem, we'll spare no expense in equipment and manpower."On Saturday night, an off-duty FBI agent became involved in a fatal incident when he drove into the parking lot of his Largo, Md., apartment complex and came upon two men stealing a car. The agent was not part of the proposed decoy plan.

One of the thieves turned the gun on the agent and demanded the keys to his car. The agent, whom authorities refused to identify, ducked behind another vehicle, drew his weapon and iden-ti-fied himself as an FBI agent before firing. Police say 18-year-old Anthony Tyrone Brown was killed as he tried to drive away in the agent's car.

In another recent incident, police arrested two gun-wielding teenage girls.

Rep. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., introduced a bill that would make carjacking a federal offense after 34-year-old Pamela Basu died when she was dragged outside her car for more than a mile during a car-jacking.