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4 vehicles damaged, 8 people hurt near Lima. Police blame rebels.

A bomb explosion outside Lima on Monday damaged four vehicles loaded with commuters, injuring eight passengers in the first apparent act of retaliation for the capture of the Shining Path's legendary leader.Police said the blast on the Pan American Highway 10 miles north of Lima damaged two vans and two buses, one carrying workers to a state-owned oil refinery. They said eight were injured in what they called a Shining Path attack.

Radio reports said Shining Path rebels also shot and killed a police officer in the San Juan de Miraflores neighborhood, but police did not immediately confirm the incident.

Security forces were on full alert in the tense capital after Saturday's capture of Abimael Guzman, the fanatical rebel who spearheaded a 12-year-long guerrilla war.

Most of the 25,000 people who have died since the Shining Path and a smaller rebel group took up arms were peasants caught in crossfire between government troops and rebels. The government says the Shining Path has caused more than $22 billion in economic damage - an amount equivalent to Peru's foreign debt.

Residents quietly went to work as the arrest of Guzman left unchanged the usual disruptions that plague their daily lives. Some sectors were darkened as part of usual energy rationing.

Most people in the capital appeared apathetic, but a few residents hung Peruvian flags outside their homes to celebrate Saturday's capture.