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In what appeared to be a softening of the Republican Party's staunch anti-abortion position, Vice President Quayle said he favors limits such as a waiting period and parental notification in cases involving minors.

Quayle said Sunday that he supported the Pennsylvania abortion law, upheld by the Supreme Court earlier this year."The way to handle it is the way Pennsylvania handled it," Quayle said on the ABC News broadcast "This Week with David Brinkley."

"The Pennsylvania law is a good starting point . . . parental consent, a 24-hour waiting period," Quayle said, calling the restrictions "logical."

The vice president said the Republican Party's goal was to make people "reflect on the tragedy of abortion."

While he said he supported the Republican platform, which endorses a "human life amendment," Quayle refused to elaborate on what provisions he wanted in such a constitutional change.

Various proposed amendments range from restrictions to a total abortion ban.

"We have said - and the platform refers to this - that we will support a human life amendment. We do not say which human life amendment. There are a number of them," Quayle told the television interviewers.

He would not answer the question, "Do you want to ban abortion?"

Quayle also said he believes divorce laws make it too easy for people to separate.

"Think about the children. Now, whether that would, you know, change the statistics, I don't know, but that should be our priority."

He also criticized Democratic presidential nominee Bill Clinton's position on homosexual rights, which Quayle characterized as pledging a quota of gay or lesbian political appointees.

"I presume he would have to ask someone their sexual orientation to determine whether they were gay or lesbian to be able to hire them on a quota basis," Quayle said. "We have said no. We will hire . . . on merit."

He said homosexuality is "more of a choice than a biological situation. I think it is a wrong choice."