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Chris Eberlain has been named director of the Park City Board of Realtors. A resident of Park City, she has worked in the industry 11 years and served as a director of a number of the organization's committees. Mike Peterson has joined the sales department of TeleScene Inc., a Salt Lake film and video production facility. He was formerly employed by STS Productions. Steve Johnson was hired by TeleScene Inc. as offline editor. He is skilled in the Montage digital offline editing system used for editing long format or feature length film or video projects. Jack Fisher has joined the West Jordan office of Wardley Better Homes and Gardens. He has worked as a real estate broker and agent for 10 years. Kent Matthews was promoted to vice president of training and automation of Morris Travel. He has worked for the company 16 years. Lynne Elliott has been promoted to director of human resources for Morris Travel. She has worked in the travel business 13 years.