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The Deseret News has done it again. On Page A8 of the Aug. 29 paper is another great editorial, "Continual violence on TV infects America's children." But then on Page W2 of the same paper, we have movie critic, Christopher Hicks, enticing us to see such violent movies as the following: Diggstown *** (good) "Surprisingly funny, highly entertaining . . ." R (violence, . . . ) Lethal Weapon 3 *** "Loud, violent, mindless fun for the action crowd . . . Fun for fans." R (violence, . . . ) Patriot Games *** "Harrison Ford is terrific and the action scenes are suitably tension filled . . . Still fun on its own level." R (violence, . . . )

Other examples of Hicks' choice of words to entice are: "surprisingly entertaining," "well-choreographed fight scenes" R (Rapid Fire); "Youngsters will enjoy seeing three young . . . brothers beat up their kidnappers; the comic violence is punctuated with cartoon sound effects." (3 Ninjas)It doesn't seem consistent to preach against the evils of violence on TV on Page A8 and then pay Hicks to promote the viewing of violent movies on Page W2.

Ed Richardson

Salt Lake City