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The University of Utah will spend $249,077 to add a second level onto its magnetic resonance imager (MRI) building at University Hospital and another $837,746 for 12 remodeling projects around campus.

Thomas G. Nycum, U. vice president for administrative services, told the U. Board of Trustees Monday the expansion of the MRI building will add much-needed space and will also connect the building to the Moran Eye Institute with a walkway bridge.In February, the board, the U.'s governing council, approved constructing the $1.05 million, 5,000-square-foot building to house new MRI and computer tomography machines, the highly sophisticated equipment used for medical diagnosis. The project is being financed with hospital revenue, not state tax funds.

The second-level addition will complete shelled-in space and the walkway.

Financing for the other 12 projects comes from a variety of sources.

U. facilities director Randy Turpin said the U. will seek bids from private businesses for the projects.

The projects include:

- Renovation of research laboratories for two new biology faculty members, $36,854.

- Remodeling of vacant space in the south biology building into teaching space for laboratory classes, $133,057.

- Remodeling of biology building space to better accommodate the anatomy laboratory, $122,243.

- Relocating the Blood Bank Donor Center to space available in the central storeroom, $80,700.

- Upgrading teaching space in Orson Spencer Hall 202, $49,636.

- Consolidating the College of Engineering machine shops, $95,197.

- Remodeling the advanced manufacturing laboratory for new equipment for the Computer Science Department, $38,896.