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The Security Council has voted to more than quadruple the U.N. peacekeeping force in Bosnia-Herzegovina and is giving the troops authority to fight back if attacked.

The peacekeepers are to protect humanitarian aid convoys and Muslims and Croats released from Serb-run detention camps.Overnight in Sarajevo, Serb forces besieging the city advanced about 11/4 miles into the western suburb of Doglodi, pushing back Muslim and Croat forces under a joint command, Bosnian defense officials said.

In Geneva, a U.N. spokesman said Bosnia's foreign minister would attend peace talks beginning Friday, dropping his government's threat to boycott because of continued Serbian attacks.

The co-chairmen of the Geneva peace conference on former Yugoslavia also protested to Radovan Karadzic, leader of Bosnia's Serbs, over air attacks Monday around the northeastern town of Bihac, U.N. spokesman Fred Eckhard said.

Sarajevo was attacked from all directions late Monday. Bosnian officials said Serbs fired on the airport. The Holiday Inn, where most foreign journalists are housed, was hit by two 155 mm cannon shells, but they did not explode.

The suburb of Dobrinja came under heavy fire from mortars and multiple rocket-launchers.

But Tuesday morning the city was relatively quiet with only occasional machine-gun fire.

However, few people ventured onto the streets after Monday's shelling, which caught people off guard as they ventured out after a three-day lull. Thirteen Sarajevans were killed and 82 wounded in a 24-hour period ending Monday.

The U.N. council voted 12-0 Monday to accept a report from Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali recommending that peacekeepers commanding convoys in Bosnia be allowed to use force if attacked or if their mission is blocked.

Peacekeepers are especially vulnerable in the Bosnian fighting, where there are no clear lines of battle and where sniper fire is common.

Four peacekeepers have been killed.

At least 10,000 people have died in Bosnia since Muslims and Croats voted in February to secede from Yugoslavia.