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Carrying a small wooden casket, signs and play money, about 20 people with disabilities filled the Utah State Tax Commission reception area Monday to protest plans for a $10 million building to house the com-mis-sion.

"The governor said to show him where the money for (the Medicaid shortfall) could come from, so we're showing him where," said Barbara Toomer, Disability Rights Action Committee, which last month protested in the governor's office."In a cynical effort to pit our needs against other people, the choices offered were always between higher education, public schools or state employees. DRAC members believe the real choices are between "corporate welfare" for huge multinational corporations or an expanding bureaucracy like the State Tax Commission," DRAC said in a press release.

The committee wants the Utah Legislature to reverse its decision to put the bulk of the state's $14 million surplus into the tax building and instead use the money for "people pro-grams."