Delta Air Lines introduced a military emergency leave fare program this week that it said provides more flexibility for active military personnel and their dependents when traveling under special conditions.

Delta said the new program addresses a specific area of concern created by the mid-April restructuring of airline fares. All military leave fares were eliminated at that time, sometimes leaving active duty members of the armed forces with no alternative to standard full coach fares.Now, with orders specifically marked "emergency leave," military personnel and accompanying dependents will be eligible for lower, seven-day advance purchase rates with restrictions waived.

At the time for ticketing, the military passenger must present an active duty green ID card and a copy of leave orders specifically marked "Emergency Leave." Any dependents accompanying the passenger must travel to the same destination and must be ticketed at the same time.

Delta said reservations and ticketing can be handled by any SATO office, travel agency or Delta ticket office. A copy of emergency travel leave orders must accompany tickets.

The fares available under the program are Delta's seven-day advance purchase excursion fares. The fare program is good for travel within the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.